Shamanic Family Constellations™

by Eric Manuel Lopez

Eric Lopez is an internationally known healer, psychic and mystic medicine man from the Nemenhah North American Indian Tribe who has dedicates his life to helping people overcome unconscious trauma and find peace.  After receiving the blessings and teachings from well-known masters all over the world, in 2003 Eric discovered his soul’s purpose; Shamanic Family Constellations when he attended his first Family Constellations workshop.  Eric’s eyes were opened to the transformative power of this therapy, which compelled him to study under the creator of Family Constellations, Bert and Sophie Hellinger for three years to become a Certified Family Constellations Facilitator.  Read more about Eric M. Lopez

Shamanic Family Constellation

An integration of energetic healing modalities combined with Bert Hellinger’s family constellations therapy to activate "The Knowing Field”.  This field holds information of traumas and suffering of our ancestors in our cellular memory.  Eric helps you acknowledge, consent, and finally end ancestors cycles and trauma.

Spiritual Reading 

Eric offers two types of readings, a traditional tarot card reading, or a tarot card reading combined with a family constellation movement.  Your guides, ancestors, and the universe, speak through the cards to help answer your questions.  Eric uses his intuition to interpret the cards and offer spiritual counseling.  

Shamanic Wedding

Eric performs shamanic weddings, birth and naming ceremonies all over the world.  He combines shamanic and Native American rituals, drumming and music, along with family constellations to not only bless your new life journey, but also to heal traumas that could potentially hold you back.

Couple's Spiritual Counseling

For individuals or couples who desire spiritual guidance, Eric offers counseling where he creates a compassionate, safe and supportive environment for growth, change and inspiration.  In each session, Eric combines theories of family constellations, shamanism, and his deep sense of faith and compassion.


Meet Eric in person at the next international event.  He conducts group workshops, Shamanic Family Constellations™ and private sessions around the world.  Sign up and visit his Facebook page.


Cristian Eterovic

Partner, Spiritual Artist

Reiki practitioner and psychic reader through art.

Filiz Bakir

Worldwide Event Planner

Acupuncture physician, Doctor of oriental and energy medicine.

Private Constellation

$155 per session

Private session with Eric M. Lopez
Shamanic Family Constellation therapy
In person, via Skype or over the phone

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Spiritual Reading

$155 per session

Past, present and future session with Eric M. Lopez
Tarot guided reading
In person, via Skype or over the phone

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Shamanic Family Constellation Workshops in Turkey

Thank you Romania Healing for this video showing not only the process of a constellation but the views of the participants.

On TV @Turkey

Thank you Turkey for this life changing opportunity to be a part of your journey.

Eric's Family Constellations have life altering effects. The healing is deeper that we can even perceive at first. It unfolds long beyond our initial experience. I am very grateful for what it did for me. Eric is a true Gift.

- Amy Koksu, Dubai