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About Eric

Eric Lopez is an internationally known healer, psychic and mystic medicine man from the Nemenhah North American Indian Tribe in United States who has dedicates his life to helping people overcome unconscious trauma and find peace.  After receiving the blessings and teachings from well-known masters all over the world, in 2003 Eric discovered his soul’s purpose; Shamanic Family Constellations when he attended his first Family Constellations workshop in Miami, Florida.  Eric’s eyes were opened to the transformative power of this meaningful therapy, which compelled him to study under the creator of Family Constellations, Bert and Sophie Hellinger for three years to become a certified Family Constellations facilitator. Since then, he has created a practice that’s uniquely his, integrating Shamanic rituals, music, and his experiences as a Medicine Man and Traditional Leader with the Nemenhah Native American Traditional Organization in Missouri.  This unique heart centered form of Family Constellations is a blend of Bert Hellinger’s traditional family constellation theories, shamanism and the energetic connections that Eric integrates during sessions.  He uses music, guided group movements, and other sacred traditions, to facilitate healing on an energetic, physical and emotional level.  Participants in Eric's sessions originate from all walks of life and religions in order to heal ancestral traumas that affect our present moment.  After beginning this work over two decades ago, Eric has been featured on television and radio around the world.  Recently, he has been facilitating life changing experiences with Shamanic Family Constellations workshops at Thrive Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale, the Duncan Center in Deerfield Beach, FL, Gail Gorelick in Connecticut, and internationally in Turkey, France, Italy, Peru, Romania and Mexico.

Shamanic Family Constellation

Shamanic Family Constellations is an integration of energetic healing modalities combined with Bert Hellinger’s family constellations process to activate "The Knowing Field”.  This field holds the Information of traumas and suffering of our ancestors in our cellular memory.  Shamanic Family Constellations helps participants acknowledge, consent to, and finally end their ancestors cycles and trauma.  Although constellations work with the energies of your ancestors, any issue can be addressed during a constellations, in a group setting or on an individual basis. 

During the workshop, Eric performs energy work to create an open and connected environment. Under his intuitive direction, you may be called on to fill in as representatives of past and present family members while the individual constellating explores the origins of their suffering until reconciliation and emotional release can be sensed not only by the person sharing his or her issue, but by the entire group. Eventually the trauma disappears or transforms into something that is not a burden but an understanding.  The result of a family constellation is a culturally sensitive therapy that draws wisdom from our ancestors and illuminates the way to our more genuine, enlightened and empathetic selves. While other forms of therapy require years of intense emotional work, a single family constellation session can bring about a profound change in those who participate.

 For example, working on an issue such as cancer, might reveal anger and health issues that were held for many generations that has never healed.  Eric uses his psychic abilities and shamanic training to compassionately help you understand the trauma and cycles of your ancestors, and then he energetically holds a safe space to guide you home on a healing journey for yourself and your ancestors.  Using affirmative statements such as "Thank you for the life you have given me, please bless me when I do it differently" you will speak to ancestors or present day influences to let go to past traumas and move forward with both a sense of empowerment and greater empathy.  New stories are written, and old traumas are released, without blame or guilt, in a safe space of love and support.

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Eric Lopez offers two types of readings, a traditional tarot card reading, or a tarot card reading combined with a family constellation movement.  Your guides, ancestors, and the universe, speak through the cards to help answer your questions.  Eric uses his intuition to interpret the cards and offer spiritual counseling.  Not only will Eric help you answer your questions, but his empathetic approach will create a safe space for you to relax, feel supported by the universe and guided on your journey.

Shamanic Weddings

Eric has performed shamanic weddings, birth and naming ceremonies all over the world.  He combines shamanic and Native American rituals, drumming and music, along with family constellations to not only bless you on your life journey, but also heal any past traumas that could potentially hold you back.  Ceremonies usually involve the participation of all attendees making the experience even more memorable and unique.  Eric is a registered Notary Public in the state of Florida as well.

Birth Ceremonies

Blessing your child’s journey through this lifetime and announcing their name to the universe is a ritual to not only welcome their path in this world, but also heal any prior life trauma.  Using the four elements of the earth along with Shamanic Family Constellations, Eric offers a birth ceremony for your newborn baby that allows the whole family to participate in welcoming them to this earth.

Spiritual Counseling

For individuals or couples who desire further spiritual guidance, Eric offers spiritual counseling where he creates a compassionate, safe and supportive environment for growth, change and inspiration.  In each session, Eric combines the theories of family constellations, shamanism, and his deep sense of faith and compassion for suffering to help guide you on your path.  Eric has an innate ability to sense what you need during each session, as such, sessions can involve, talking, movements, and other healing modalities in addition to a safe space for you to relax and feel the love of the universe.